Car JDM Modified Culture Drift Expert Initial D Climbing Button Carabiner Olecranon Keychain Pendant


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Color: FAKE TAXI, drifter, SHUT UP,LOW LIFE, art JS RACING, dangerous people, NiGHKiDS, HAILANG A, illest Black, illest bride, Osaka JDM,MAZDASPEED, Initial D,OMP,DRIFT KING,life is too shot to drive a boring car,TRD,JDM,GR,NOSHIT,spa,pig power,built not bought,HKS,jeep,got boost,299,I LOVE Haters!, LOOP ONE,Hellaflush,NO DRIFT NO LIFE,spoon, infinite mugen,JDM POWER,spoon racing driver, jdm as f * ck,BRIDE, graffiti A, graffiti B, L. B Performance,OSAKA No Good Race, Red niu,asimo,brem,mo,performance,TEIN,RALLIART,S * I,SPEEDHUNTERS A, HAILANG B, ukiyo-e koi, 3, HAILANG C style, cherry blossom, JDM leather black, JDM leather pink, HAPPY ENDINGS,Supercute,Night runner, Ring family, EAT SUSHI,RUNNING IN THE 90s, SPEEDHUNTERS B style, SEND IT, guan Yun Street, Ji E,P Station, nismo, sushi A, 1985 NO GOOD black, sushi B, Ukiyo-painted wild crane blue-green, graffiti with Lucky Cat, Ukiyo-painted wild crane black, pink lucky cat, AMG, cherry blossom Mount Fuji GTR,JDM A, JDM B

Material: zinc alloy

Style: modern simplicity

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Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 100 × 70 × 30 cm

FAKETAXI, Drift Expert, SHUTUP, LOWLIFE, Art JSRACING, Dangerous Person, NiGHKiDS, HAILANG A Style, Illest Black, Illestbride, Osaka JDM, MAZDASPEED, Initial D, OMP, DRIFTKING, Lifeistooshottodriveaboringcar, TRD, JDM, GR, NOSHIT, Spa, Pigpower, Builtnotbought, HKS, Jeep, Gotboost, 299, ILOVEHaters, LOOPONE, Hellaflush, NODRIFTNOLIFE, Spoon, Unlimited Mugen, JDMPOWER, Spoon Racing Driver, Jdmasfck, BRIDE, Graffiti A Model, Graffiti Type B, LBPerformance, OSAKANoGoodRace, Red Niu, Asimo, Brem, Mo, Performance, TEIN, RALLIART, SI, SPEEDHUNTERSA, HAILANG B Model, Ukiyo E Koi, 3, HAILANG Type C, Cherry Blossom, JDM Leather Black, JDM Leather Pink, HAPPYENDINGS, Supercute, Nightrunner, Ring Family, EATSUSHI, RUNNINGINTHE90S, SPEEDHUNTERSB, SENDIT, Guan Yun Street, Ji E, P Station, Nismo, Sushi Type A, 1985NOGOOD Black, Sushi B, Ukiyo E Wild Crane Blue Green, Graffiti With Fortune Cat, Ukiyo E Wild Crane Black, Pink Fortune Cat, AMG, Sakura Mount Fuji GTR, JDMA, JDMB Model

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