Cat Double Bowl Cat Food Bowl Protects Cervical Vertebra


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Material: Plastic 

Complete automatic feeding: Yes

Product No.: Cat head transparent double bowl

Color: Transparent cat head bowl

Easy to clean transparent bowl: For dogs and cats

Transparent bowl of cat’s head and ears: environmentally friendly food grade material

Oblique opening 15 ° neck protection design: adjustable transparent double bowl

Packing size: 360 x 200 x 100 mm, 360 x 200 x 200 mm, 360 x 200 x 300 mm, 135 x 135 x 100 mm


1、Tilt 15° to protect the cat’s spine. Appearance, shape, and design about cat’s eating

2、Elevate the base to help the cat eat properly, so that the cat can eat comfortably

3、Two bowls with cute cat face, you can eat and drink at one time

Inclined slope design to prevent grain overflow

4、Anti-skid design at the bottom to prevent the grain from knocking over

5、Large area base, not easy to shift or spill

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Additional information

Weight 0.37 kg
Dimensions 280 × 160 × 130 cm

Double black, 2 Pack Double white, 3 Pack Double white, Single transparent bowl, Double transparent black base, Transparent white, Double black white, Single white, Black white, Single clear pink, Black double bowl A, Two clear white, Two white, Two clear pink, Single black, Single clear white, Single White 2, Double white

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