Member’s Mark Cook’s Knives Set with Non-Slip Handle (2 pk.)

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    • Set of 2 Daily Chef Cook’s Knives includes an 8 and 10-inch blade
    • Versatile, all-purpose professional chef knives
    • High-carbon German steel blades
    • NSF certified
    • Handle treated with antimicrobial protection
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Member’s Mark 8″ and 10″ Cook’s Knives (2 pk.) are an important addition to any set of professional chef knives. They’re a versatile, all-purpose tool that can be used to prep vegetables, slice meat or cut up fruit as well as many other common applications.

What Are Member’s Mark Cook’s Knives Used For in the Kitchen?

When it comes to professional chef knives, a cook’s knife is an all-purpose tool that’s indispensable for food preparation. The wide, sharp blade can be used to cut a variety of ingredients in different ways.

These kitchen knives are perfect for cutting and slicing meat, dicing vegetables, chopping nuts and slicing herbs. They’re especially suited for firm vegetables like onions, carrots, celery and potatoes.

What is High-Carbon German Steel?

For kitchen knives, high-carbon German steel is a good choice. High carbon steel is exceptionally hard. It can hold a sharper edge than stainless steel and maintains it a lot longer. Sharp knives are important in the kitchen because they’re more precise and don’t require as much force. Believe it or not, a sharp knife is actually a lot safer than a dull one.

Why Choose Member’s Mark Cook’s Knives?

This set of kitchen knives includes both an eight-inch and 10-inch blade so you can use it for everything from slicing large slabs of meat to finely chopping herbs. Choose the 10-inch blade when cutting up a whole watermelon or cantaloupe and the eight-inch blade for slicing smaller fruits and vegetable with more precision. The blades are made of stain-free high-carbon German steel which sharpens easily and maintains its edge for a long time.

The handles on these kitchen knives are large and easy to hold onto plus they have antimicrobial protection to keep away germs. These cooking knives are also NSF Certified and meet strict standards for protecting public health.

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