Painless Extension Glue Nail Art Without Paper Tray Fast Extension Crystal Model Painless Crystal Glue


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Use steps:

Step 1: Polishing nails surface, apply base coat, cure under LED lamp.

Step 2: Take some POLY NAILS GEL, put on your nails.

Step 3: Using your brush dip small amount of Nail liquid, pat product into nail. Shape all nails.

Step 4: Cure under LED lamp.

Step 5: File and shape nails and smooth buffer.

Step 6: Apply a thin coat of top coat. Cure.

How to remove:

1.-Soak off the nails into acrylic remover for about 5 minutes.

2.-Rip down the whole piece of nail enamel gently on each nail.

Kindly reminder:

1. The net weight is 30ml. But the capacity of the bottle is more than 30ml, Gel will not be fully filled in the bottle!.

2. Color difference may be caused by some reasons such as color reflection in the monitor lighting,background,etc

3. When you Painted your nails pls also painted the edge of the nail,it will be more durable,and remember to use the top base coat.


Name: poly nails gel

Volume: 30ml

Colors: 9colors

Lamp: UV&LED lamp

Package Content

Nail Extension Gel


Additional information

Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 180 × 230 × 40 cm

Pink 2pcs, LT PINK, Pink, LT PINK 2pcs, Clear, DK PINK 2pcs, Nude pink 2pcs, Nude pink, Clear 2pcs, Mlik White 2pcs, Mlik White, DK PINK

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91 Reviews For This Product

  1. 90

    by M***l


  2. 90

    by P***o

    К сожалению, после трёх месяцев ожидания товар так и не пришёл, но Продавец деньги вернул! Спасибо!

  3. 90

    by O***.

    It went long, but the goods are very good, and the seller is sociable)

  4. 90

    by O***a

    sunt foarte mulțumită de calitate, recomand

  5. 90

    by G***g

    Good so one axis

  6. 90

    by F***V

    Excellent polygels, good volume

  7. 90

    by G***g

    좋아요 재구매함

  8. 90

    by N***k

    Super acrygel, good in consistency

  9. 90

    by O***a

    The goods are excellent only long delivery due to the pandemic

  10. 90

    by M***i

    All came whole Thanks… I do not know the quality yet… I'll look in use

  11. 90

    by G***r

    The gel is wonderful, it dries under the lamp well, it does not heat up and the work is good, I recommend.

  12. 90

    by Z***d

    The goods are good. But long delivery though ordered 5 pieces

  13. 90

    by T***h

    Нет доставки в израиль, вернули деньги

  14. 90

    by A***k

    In the case did not try

  15. 90

    by S***s

    Покупаю этот гель только у этого продавца. Доставка всегда быстрая, каждый гель упакован в отдельный пакетик. Гель классный и недорогой.

  16. 90

    by V***m


  17. 90

    by K***o

    Waited 3 months the goods did not come money did not return

  18. 90

    by Z***d

    All as in the description. The goods are good, I advise.

  19. 90

    by G***a

    Вернули деньги. Не пришло

  20. 90

    by S***r

    I love this order and the capsules are very very good I recommend them

  21. 90

    by T***t

    получила полигель, только вот один практически весь вытек
    no remark

  22. 90

    by H***h

    Everything arrived well and pretty and very boring Thanks to the seller
    no remarkno remark

  23. 90

    by T***w

    все ок

  24. 90

    by T***a

    Good. Quality product

  25. 90

    by U***l

    товар не получен,. и деньги вернули…

  26. 90

    by A***A

    заказываю у этого продовца не первый раз радует что всегда приходит то что заказывала сам материал зернистый легог в использовании
    no remark

  27. 90

    by K***k


  28. 90

    by K***k

    Dotarła paczka w miesiąc, polecam, duża objętość, dobrze zabezpieczona paczka, ładne kolory

  29. 90

    by N***a

    Все ок

  30. 90

    by F***r

    Посилка прийшла швидко, навіть неочікувала. Товаром користувалась, рекомендую.

  31. 90

    by F***f

    3~4주 걸림

  32. 90

    by R***r

    Посылка шла ровно месяц, отслеживалась. Номера полигелей соответствуют заказанному. Упаковано в пупырчатый пакет, каждый полигель в пакетике. Товар в отличном состоянии, ничего не протекло. С продавцом не общалась. Благодарна продавцу за ответственность!
    no remark

  33. 90

    by R***r

    Посылка шла ровно месяц, отслеживалась. Номера полигелей соответствуют заказанному. Упаковано в пупырчатый пакет, каждый полигель в пакетике. Товар в отличном состоянии, ничего не протекло. С продавцом не общалась. Благодарна продавцу за ответственность!
    no remark

  34. 90

    by O***j


  35. 90

    by M***s

    The shipping was fast and the quality well pretty much looks excellent. The best part the product is full. I will definitely recommended.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  36. 90

    by M***s

    The shipping was fast and the quality well pretty much looks excellent. The best part the product is full. I will definitely recomended.
    no remarkno remark

  37. 90

    by G***r

    24.07-27.08,заказываю не первый раз,полигель очень классный!!!!Спасибо большое!!!!!!!!!

  38. 90

    by S***s

    원하는색 그대로 잘 왔습니다 !
    no remark

  39. 90

    by S***s

    샹각보다 정말 빠르게 왔어요 !
    no remark

  40. 90

    by A***a

    спасибо огромное все супер как и в прошлый раз мне нравится и в носке и в использование беру все цвета попробовать)))))
    no remarkno remark

  41. 90

    by N***a

    Беру не первый раз !!! В работе очень удобный . Рекомендую продавца и товар)
    no remark

  42. 90

    by Y***k

    мне очень нравятся акригели этой фирмы, просыхают за 1мин отлично и в носке себя хорошо показали

  43. 90

    by R***r

    Спасибо большое продавцу. Доставка 3недели . Хорошая работа

  44. 90

    by Y***x

    Полигель очень хороший, беру третий раз, спасибо.
    no remark

  45. 90

    by O***a

    no remark

  46. 90

    by O***a

    no remark

  47. 90

    by O***a

    no remark

  48. 90

    by O***a

    беру не первый раз ,цвета красивые,объем хороший
    no remark

  49. 90

    by F***f

    все пришло целое ,отличного качестваи дней за 20 в Украину

  50. 90

    by N***r

    Very nice color

  51. 90

    by V***v

    этот полигель хороший, продавец молодец. вернул деньги за один тюбик, т.к. он был повреждён.

  52. 90

    by A***M

    шли около месяца

  53. 90

    by N***o

    Отличный гель, жаль сейчас подорожал ((( прилетел в МО за месяц, в отличии от другого поставщика, у которого уже 3 месяца ни ответа ни привета ((((
    no remark

  54. 90

    by L***k

    доставка 26 дней

    крутой продавец.

    15 грамм
    30 грамм
    60 грамм

    вес каждого тюбика точный.

    продавец ответственный и честный.
    no remarkno remark

  55. 90

    by S***a

    Favorite acrygel-keeps as iron, wakes up completely, comfortable consistency!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  56. 90

    by L***l

    The best! Proven article. I have been buying for several years.

  57. 90

    by T***a

    Everything corresponds to the description. Polygel is excellent.
    no remark

  58. 90

    by A***V

    The order was issued in 08 June receipt 18.09 above all praise. In work has not yet tried

  59. 90

    by F***d

    Terrific! shipping time is some jam. ㅠ polymer gel edge: used to think less than four key ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅠ ㅠ still liked the binding test and then leave for me
    no remarkno remark

  60. 90

    by S***s

    Pretty and real elements

  61. 90

    by O***o

    The parcel came within the norm, has not yet been

  62. 90

    by V***o

    Arrived in 25 days. Good product. Board

  63. 90

    by R***l

    Thank you, I received the order, I will try it in work.
    no remark

  64. 90

    by K***s

    Shipping is what took weeks but price contrast unsatisfactory land ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ
    Express thanks to nail material where to buy.
    Shipping only a little quicker but Surat, like the ten day Corona because for shipping to jam ㅜ

  65. 90

    by M***z

    thank yuo
    no remarkno remark

  66. 90

    by F***r


  67. 90

    by C***r

    Zboží dorazilo v pořádku, S polygelem jsem spokojená.

  68. 90

    by S***t

    1 little small for 1 60g but hey

  69. 90

    by B***t

    Everything is OK, delivery on time

  70. 90

    by G***w

    I order for the third time, polygel is awesome. Who is looking for a solid material I advise this one. The truth is slightly rigid in sawdust.

  71. 90

    by J***r

    Very long delivery

  72. 90

    by K***a

    Quite favorable purchase! This is my third tube, I 've never been disappointed. And grow, and repair, all you can with this polygel!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  73. 90

    by O***r

    Very thick, which is very convenient to form on types and so lay out, does not run away. The quality is not aware. I'll use it in the case, I'll unsign

  74. 90

    by G***r

    Everything is fine!

  75. 90

    by T***r

    Delivery 2 month. I took it with a good discount.
    no remark

  76. 90

    by I***k

    I take the second time-excellent

  77. 90

    by M***a

    no remark

  78. 90

    by O***a

    The best polygel. Wearable up to six weeks.

  79. 90

    by K***r

    Shipping took a long but without Det

  80. 90

    by G***r

    Long was delivery, managed to open a dispute. The money was returned and… The order came. I had to make another purchase to return the money.

  81. 90

    by O***a

    The parcel to Moscow was almost three months. Track wasn't tracked.

  82. 90

    by Y***A

    Delivery is very long. I did not expect that I would come. thanks to the seller. Replies to messages, extended the period. I liked the goods myself. The tube is full. It came without damage. There are staples, wakes up without problems. Hard, opile pleasant. In the sock we'll see. With top forms on Hurray. Consistency is dense. very Velcro. Even a well-washed brush sticks. This is my first experience with this kind of material and top shapes. I went well, but I liked the result. I also wanted the ring from it. I attach the photo. The seller and I recommend it.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  83. 90

    by L***a

    Unfortunately, I did not receive the goods, but the money was returned.

  84. 90

    by M***a

    Gels received later than the stated deadline, Ro it does not matter. Tubes are heavy, so they are well filled. In the work has not yet tried, but in texture like norms. I'll try and add a review.
    no remarkno remark

  85. 90

    by F***r


  86. 90

    by A***

    Nice looking

  87. 90

    by A***

    Thank you

  88. 90

    by A***

    Fast Delivery
    no remark

  89. 90

    by A***

    All OK
    no remark

  90. 90

    by M***a

    Goods not reached, money entirely returned

  91. 90

    by M***a

    Goods not doszedł, money entirely returned

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