Summer Thin Gather Nipple Patch Underwear Accessories Deep Plunge Bra Kit Push-up Frontless Bra Backless Strapless Bra


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1. Mainly dresses, low-cut dresses, and backless dresses. They will not be embarrassed by revealing their underwear. Some MMs have beautiful breasts and don’t like to wear underwear. They don’t like to wear underwear. It is used to cover the nipples. Wear a swimsuit or when taking pictures, and avoid light exposure.

2. Chest stickers, simple understanding is the bra without straps, the material is mainly silica gel, there are two kinds of suction cups and stickers. The method of use is to stick the chest stickers on the outer sides of the left and right chests respectively, and then connect the chest stickers with the buttons in the middle. A little adjustment can reveal the cleavage, very sexy. The chest stickers are suitable for dresses, open backs or see-through outfits to show the shape of the chest and be decent and generous.


1. The deep depression of the bra can lift the chest up, and the backless and strapless design makes it invisible, which is not easy to cause you trouble.

2. You can get the support and appearance you need by using a frontless bra. The frontless, backless and strapless bras are completely hidden under your clothes, so you can perfectly take off the low-necked fashionable clothing.

3. The feature of this invisible bra is that the push plate and volumizing pad round your chest and push it together, making the neckline deeper and more precise.

4. And the bra is slip resistant through the silicone paste, which can be kept stable, so you can wear it without any problem.

Wear a bra for a long time. This bra is comfortable to wear. The one-size design makes it suitable for most women and girls.

Product information:

Applicable gift-giving occasions: festivals, advertising promotions, business gifts

Color: flesh-colored, black

Type/Use: Household and daily use

Size: 15*20*3cm

Single product: about 130G

Pocket size: 30*20*8cm

Suitable size:

One size

Packing list

1*chest sticker

Additional information

Weight 0.17 kg
Dimensions 200 × 150 × 30 cm

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